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We are...BWE! Staff Update ~ 10.9.15

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Administration at Work...

Many of you have noticed frequent visitors from the BW Administration in your classroom. Just as you have goals, so do we! It will not be uncommon to see one, two, or three administrators visiting throughout all BW buildings at any given time. This is for our professional development.

These visits are informal and are being used to foster instructional conversations, drive collaboration, and maintain consistency among our buildings. Not to mention, we get to see all of the amazing work that is happening district-wide!

Keep up the great work!


We have added a section in the mybwls website that should help with any questions regarding teacher evaluations.

Please go to mybwls to view documents that include the SLO checklist for completion, the OTES observation rubric, a lesson plan template, and more.

You can access the mybwls site at any time by clicking on the link above or signing into your google drive and clicking on the matrix button next to your name at the top. From there, select the "URL Slate" icon and then "My BWLS."

I will survey to gauge the need for an eTPES refresher. If you haven't already, please log on and make sure your information is current. Please contact me if it is otherwise. I am happy to walk you through the process. Many of you have sent times for your "formal". If you haven't, let's get these on the calendar.

Reminders and Notes...

Online Report Cards:

Information has gone home today regarding online report cards. We will be setting up support stations during P/T Conference Night to help, as needed. Report cards will be discussed during conferences, however, it will be in electronic form.

Station Work:

Do you want to start incorporating music as a 'transition alert' as you run your stations? Great people to ask are: Tuel, Sarap, or Sliva - it makes for a fun and familiar reminder for kids to transition.

Teachers Pay Teachers:

We are very close to rocking and rolling on this! Next week I will be able to give PAC members the user name and password to share with their teams. Each team will have $200. I will leave it up to you on usage. If you feel you will need my help in regulating, just ask! ;)

Keating's Crew

Congratulations to the following students for being our BWE leaders.

  • Shelby Damron
  • Joseph Springer
  • Audrey Gunder
  • Addelynn Alexander
  • Hayden Krous
  • Myleigh Potts
  • Bradley Krajweski
  • Ava Tackett
  • Lauren Baughman
  • Racehl Brown
  • Brielle Fox
  • Carson Filler
  • Josie Graziosi
  • Conor Watters
  • Adam Wilhelm
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Important Dates:

October 12th - Final work on SLO's with the Evaluation Committee

October 16th - End of the 1st quarter

October 19th - Think Tank @ Souders - after school.

October 26th - Conference Night

October 28th - NO SCHOOL FOR KINDER, BWE Conference Night

October 29th - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS, BWE Conference Day

October 30th - NO SCHOOL

November 5th - State of the Schools, 6:30 @ BWMS

November 25-27th - Thanksgiving Break

November 30th - NO SCHOOL

December 14th - Winter Musical, 6:30

Just a few amazing bulletin boards around the building! Great job!

Pen Pals in Mrs. Swansegar's room!

What a great way to practice friendly letters, punctuation, grammar, and connect outside of our school building with other children!
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  • Ms. Diana would like to brag about Jill for going the extra mile.

  • Mrs. Stinnette would like to brag about Mrs. Olson for sharing her secrets to success and Mrs. Horman for helping with KRA’s. Mrs. Stinnette would also like to brag about Ms. Jill and Ms. Diana for helping with the conference schedule.. Mrs. Stinnette would also like to brag about Mrs. Clark and being “KRA” certified.

  • Mrs. Tarney would like to brag about Mrs. Badger for starting a quiet game during lunch, and Ms. Diana and Ms. Jill for being a great nurses. Mrs. Tarney also wants to thank Mrs. Glidden for being a great lunch helper with our little BWE students.

  • Mrs. Boehm would like to brag about Mrs. Gallo for going the extra mile during lunch duty with 4th graders.

  • Mrs. Cannell would like to brag about Mrs. Boehm for helping her find tables for her classroom and Mr. Cantlebury for helping set up and clean Mrs. Cannell’s tables.

  • Mrs. Smith (Kinder parent) would like to brag about Mrs. Stinnette for always returning e-mails.

  • Mrs. Barno for letting us know what day it is!!

Miss Diana and Miss Jill earned their YELLOW brag tags!!

***Special BRAG to Mr. Jim and Mr. John- THEY KNOW WHY!

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"Something Old":

Don’t forget to sign up for a lesson with me. If you have not done so you may want to e-mail me and we will set something up. Thanks for those of you who allowed me to do my lessons this week. We talked about setting goals and beginning with the end in mind. I am giving the students a paper to write about what they want people to say about them 10 years from now. They are suppose to write a few adjectives and describe some goals, you can just put these in my mailbox as they turn them in. My goal is to choose 2-3 from each class and make a book to keep in the office.

"Something New":

BWE News Crew:

Our video camera for out news broke. I am going to start doing live streaming hopefully very soon, until then we will be doing announcements over the PA. Also, I am also starting up a segment called “This is Me.” This will be a short bio of students. We will be starting with our September leaders.

Shout Outs:

This week I am giving a shout out to Mrs. Stinnette. Shannon your stations that you do with your Kindergartners are very engaging and hands-on. Keep up the great work!

Upcoming Optional PD:

10/12- Google Classroom think tank: BWHS @ 2:45-3:15

10/14 Scootpad and Lexia learning session: HSE @ 3:45-4:30

10/16- Sumdog Learning session (level 2): BWE @ 8:00 (this will be for challenges and competitions in Sumdog as well as a more in-depth look at data).

If your interested and need coverage let Robin know!

"Something Borrowed":

I am going to share with you all via google drive, Becky Sliva’s workshop board. This is a great tool to use for your stations. Feel free to make a copy and edit for your students.

"Something... True":

From my character lesson this week! you probably have seen it but it is a great motivator and reminder to always choose the “Road to Awesome”

Enjoy your “Pep Talk”:

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

This Week...In Their Words...

BWE Kindergarten 10.9.15
BWE 1st Grade 10.9.15
BWE 2nd Grade 10.9.15
BWE 3rd Grade 10.9.15
BWE 4th Grade 10.9.15