Weekly Launch

March 20-24


I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break! If it was like mine, it went way to fast! It is hard to believe that we are starting our last 9 weeks of the school year. It will be fast and furious. Please make every day the best day it can be! Please make contact with your struggling student's parents to talk about their progress and what can be done at home to support them.

Please encourage your students to be present every day. You may want to add a blurb in your weekly newsletter about the importance of attendance.

If you are a 2nd-5th grade teacher, please make sure you are getting grades in the grade book in a timely manner so that parents and students are aware what is missing or incomplete.

Thank you so much for all you do for your students. This is a hard job but the rewards are great. It is amazing to look at our students and see how far they have come this year!

Important Dates

March 20-Mega Kinder

Beginning of 4th 9 weeks

March 21-CIIC 3:30

March 22-4th grade Rodeo field trip

3:30-short Facility Advisory Meeting then TELPAS collaboration

March 23-Jen B and Jen M. out in a.m.

March 24-

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Fairness

Word of the Week-open-minded

Morning Announcements-Hirsch

Word of the Week-Distinguished

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11 Principles of Character Education

Principle 1-Effective character education promotes core ethical values as the basis of good character

Core ethical values:

-are universally valid

-are moral and ethical in their nature

-support democracy and our democratic way of life

-benefit every individual

-are educationally significant

-make for good relationships

-encourage good decision making

-are significant, rather than trivial

Promoting core ethical values-making values a part of everything a school does

-manifesting values within


-embedding values in the curriculum

-making values integral to teaching practices

-connecting values to Co-curricular activities and less structured environments

When the members of a school community have ownership in core beliefs and principles and are committed to them....there is a rebirth of learning and pride in the school-Kevin Ryan & Karen Bohlin, Building Character in Our Schools(1999)