Numbers, The Chaos, Infinity-Must-read series by Rachel Ward

The Numbers Series

This trilogy is a roller coaster ride with a surprise at every turn. It starts with Jem, who can see people's death dates when she meets their eyes. Her and her boyfriend, Spider, become wanted by the authorities and are constantly on the run with the clock ticking down towards Spider's death date. Next, the trilogy follows their son Adam. He not only sees the date of someone's death, but feels it. He notices so many people's deaths in London to be reminiscent of a natural disaster, and on the same day. He works to prevent it, with the help of his expecting companion Sarah. The conclusion is about her daughter Mia, and her power. She took Adam's grandmother's number and with it inherited her power. People tracking down Adam soon realize that Mia could aid them also. Their fight to escape from their captors concludes the series you don't want to miss out on.