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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Lonnie C. Motion, or better known as Locomotion.

Thank you, thank you.

Now Lonnie, I understand that you lost your parents in a house fire and I'm very sorry to hear that. How did it feel when you realized you had passed away?

It was very hard to take in, and the worst part was that I was separated from my sister. Lucky for her, which made me happy, she was adopted by a family. I was put to live with Ms. Edna. I started going to a different school. My teacher's name was Ms. Marcus.

Lonnie, how did you feel when you were living with Ms. Edna?

It was good, I actually felt like I was loved even though it didn't happen at first. The living was standard. The food was pretty good. Overall it wasn't that bad.

What did you learn in school?

Well right now we are learning about poems. All the characteristics & stuff like that. Basically everything about poems.

Back to your parents. What was your relationships between you and them?

Like every son, I loved my parents. I'll never forget the times when my mom, sister, and I listened and danced to the song Locomotion. Those times were the best times of my life. And I still miss her. (starts to tear up.)

What would result if your parents were still alive today?

It would be amazing, but now I am starting to realize that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes they're good reasons. Sometimes they're bad reasons. Life may take unexpected turns on you or vise versa.

How would you compare your relationship with your sister to other people with sisters?

I think since my sister and I have been through a lot, our relationship is much stronger. We are one. And that is how it will stay.

Can you point out several ways that you and your sister have a stronger relationship?

Well, like I said we have been through a lot which makes us stronger. We don't fight (or at least not that much.) And most certainly she made me find God.

About your house burning down, how would you criticize the firemen who tried to put out the fire?

Obviously they didn't do that good of a job since they couldn't put my house's fire out quick enough. And that's what caused what almost ruined my (& my sister's )life.

Do you agree with what the authorities did with you and your sister?

I think it was okay, but it would have been much better if we were not separated. I would've have liked it a lot more if we could have stayed together as a family. We would have each other to support one another.

What can you say about fire prevention to our viewers or to our readers?

Oh my gosh, where do I start? Well, first try not to get into a shack, or a set of emotional burst or surprises. If it is a small fire, try to put it out with a fire extinguisher. But if it's a big fire, or an uncontrollable fire, get out of the house immediately and call 911.

Once again, I'm so sorry for your losses.

Thank you.

Thank you and see you next time on A True Story.

Caroline B. Cooney's Code Orange

People should not read Code Orange by "Best-selling Author" Caroline B. Cooney because the story is very hard to understand. This story takes a lot of hard work to completely understand. Code Orange has way too much repetition which makes it extremely boring and stupid. This book is very violent. There are a lot of advanced level words that make people say "What the heck is that?" and/or "What does that mean?" Code Orange is not a good book for middle school students. Code Orange states that "It would be better if I was dead," which is not appropriate for middle schoolers.

Cover of Caroline B. Cooney's Code Orange.

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