Photo Essay

Benefits of Student Athletes


In high school if your an athlete you will have many benefits entering college to play your sport. Your academics and how hard you work during will help you in your path in the future and gain many opportunities.
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A meet in Chicago

In this picture we both finished our race the meet was at benedictine university it was a usatf regional meet that had athletes from Illinois and Indiana. In this meet we got to show many college coaches what talent we had and how we could possibly help their program in the future if committing to them. this was also a qualifying meet to continue on to the Junior Olympic in Florida. this was a great chance and opportunity to be recognized and a chance to compete at the next level
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Track Sectionals

As a student athlete you have to be on your game in both your sports and school work. The reason i choose this picture was to show my achievement as an athlete and the work i put in. I had to step up when one of my teammates got injured running in the relay. On that day i had a good lead off leg in the 4x4 advancing us to regional. My coaches have faith in what I do thats why they expect me to do well in school.
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This pick of took of this work sheet symbolizes the work we put in on a daily basis at school in order to to maintain our grade to be eligible to play sports. if you are not on top of your work it gonna be very hard to catch up as the school year continues.
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This pick was taking of me a few weeks ago when i say it on my phone i remember the studying for pre-clac. they may be benefits of student athletes but there are also disadvantages. Sometime when you come back from practice they will some day where you are tired and start being lazy at a point with homework. By that happening it can alter how your grades will be in the future. So try your best to get your work done at school to make it easier for yourself when coming home you can study for any subject your doing and rest a bit.
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County Championship @Avon

As an athlete you get to compete against many teams in multiple areas. In the county meet we raced against many schools that are in our county so it was nice to meet different people from other schools. Racing is also the fun part cause you get to see the talent around you. having your teammates cheer for you is great cause it pushes you to do better.
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IU Qualifying

Another disadvantage is getting enough sleep after a meet or practice. This picture was taking at Iu bloomington indoor track which was 50 mins away. We didn't back from the meet till 12 am and i didn't get home till 12:15. I only had about 6 hrs of sleep cause of the assignments i had to finish. Also there was a test the next day so it was real difficult to stay up to study for. There will be some nights where we come back from meets late and get home at a decent time to get work done.
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Ben Davis Invite

In this picture the cross country team was invited to run at this meet along with 26 other teams. Some of our meets we had to wake up in the morning to race. We had to be at the school at 7:15 and we left at 7:30 between that time we did a shakeout which is a little run to warm up the legs. It was raining a lot that day so by the time we started the race most of the course was real muddy so is was difficult to bring my knees of the ground cause of the mud holding me down a bit and it was slippery. At the end of the meet we did awards for the top 25 individuals and the top 3 teams.
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Usatf State meet

This was during the summer where I ran Club track for indy storm. I competed in many events like the 400, 200, 800, 4x4. There many college coaches scouting many athletes to see who they can recruit for their program. This was a chance for me to get them to recognize me to see what I can do for them a their program. Also i can talk to them to know what they can offer me (Scholarship).
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Study session in class

This picture i used because as an student athlete there should always be a time to study. I stayed in a class after school with a teacher to get some extra help on my work. I feel like if i don't study enough I will fall behind that why I've had many teacher and students help me on work i have trouble with.
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4x4 race @ IU

This Picture symbolized a great achievement for me and the school for track. We placed 1st indoors setting a new indoor school record. This was great for me cause I great exposure to other college in the beginning of the season.


Being a student athlete may be a lot but at the end it will pay off. Putting in the work will give you opportunities to many college scholarships. I've also had to go through many obstacles to get to where I am today, but as long as i keep pushing forward I can achieve my long term goals in life.