SUWS Wilderness Depression Program

By: Citlali Marin Ruiz and Michael Marin

Overview of theOrganization

—They are designed to help adolescents who are struggling with a range of academic, emotional, behavioral, mental health and substance abuse concerns.

Types Of Illnesses Treated




—Alcohol Abuse


—Drug Abuse

—Family Conflict

Programs Offered & Types Of Treamtent

—Equine Therapy

—Outdoor Therapy

—Substance Abuse

—Teens & Adolescent Residential

—Wilderness Rehab

Contact Information

—Call or Email SUWS Wilderness Program for Depression for a free phone consultation now - (844) 206-0141

Five Addiction Facts About The Organization

  • They have a very good facility for treatment.
  • They focus very well on your problems.
  • Helps with goals and more needs.
  • Outdoors as a treatment environment.
  • Helps with all types of disorders and problems.