Sturm, Ruger &Co



Ruger was incorporated in 1949. William Ruger and Alexander Sturm were the founders of Sturm, Ruger & Co.The current CEO is Michael Fifer. Rugers industry is defence and the manufacture and sale of firearms. One of its chief competitors is Browning and Remington.

Factors of Production

The services and products that Ruger has is the manufacture and sale of firearms, the sale of rifles, pistols and revolvers. The total amount of employees that Ruger has is 1,847. The net worth is 959.9 million.

Financial Information

They have had their ups and downs but I still think that if you buy at the right time that you will have some good luck.

Stock Information

RGR is the stock symbol. The 52 Week high is $69.19 and the low is $33.60. Trading today is $50.82 so is about in the middle. The last split was 9/17/1996, it was a 2 for 1 split. There are a total of 19.42 million shares available for trade. RGR does pay dividends and it is $0.68. It payed it in 2012.

News Releases

On CNN money they say that they are doing pretty good their not very high but their also not at their 52 week low.

On March 10 Snoop Dogg said that he wants to encourage people to get rid of their gun stocks all together.

Summary, Analysis, Reflection

Yes i would still buy this stock but at a lower time. Because at this point there not super high but i would try to wait till there a little but lower. In the game RGR is making me $1. Yes i have learned something in this unit about investing. I have learned to hold on to some stocks not just sell em all the time when there low or your loosing.