Roadies Week in Review

Week of May 28, 2017

Happy - by Andy Stanley

Thanks to Russell for facilitating a great discussion about what actually makes us happy. I encourage everyone to find a place to volunteer and fill your own cup by helping to meet the needs of others.

Prayer Concerns

- Mary Beth Stasey's mom, Rosalie Veatch, was placed on hospice earlier this week. Please pray for peace and comfort during this time.

- Administrative changes being made by Aledo ISD and the students, staff, and community-members impacted.

- Safe travels for the Breisches and anyone else traveling in the upcoming days.

Long-term Roadies requests:

*Paul Llewellyn's brother, David

*Jere Hand, Toby Smith's mom

Notice anyone you haven't seen around in awhile??

I encourage you to reach out to people and invite them back to church or back to our class! It's easy for our lives to get busy and to get out of the "habit" of coming. A personal invitation and a caring word might be just the thing that makes a difference!

Welcome Visitors

The Bandys were in class again today. We're so glad to expand our class family! If you didn't get a chance to introduce yourselves, welcome visitors Chad and Melanie Bandy. They have a 9yo son named Reece and a 6yo daughter named Micah.



There is no class during the SS hour next week. Instead, there will be a church-wide gathering in the sanctuary to go over the visioning project, "As for Me and My House" and bless it together. Class will resume the following week.

Class sign ups?

Expect new class sign up sheets to facilitate or to bring breakfast to share. The new sign ups will be in the book. Please consider sharing your talents or stepping out on a limb to lead the class. It's not hard at all!!!