Rankin Elementary

Weekly Bulletin # 36 - June 1, 2015

Our week in review....

We are down to the last two weeks with many events planned. This week marks our last week of 5 days (5 lunches for me) with students. Make the most of them.

Tuesday: Track Meet at 5:00 PM

Wednesday: Staff/Students Mentor Program luncheon at 12:00; iROCK Celebration

Friday: Field Day

Mark your Calendar…

Building Pot-Luck luncheon – Tuesday

District End –of-the-Year luncheon – Wednesday

M-STEP Scores

M-STEP scores have become available electronically for some of our students. We have most of our 5th grade scores and 4th grade scores are anticipated to be released on Monday. These scores are available for review but embargoed for release to parents/students. I have viewed the scores and staff are welcome to stop in and I can bring them up for you to view. It is difficult to determine if they are good or not since we do not have a comparison for them. We have quite the range of scores....IE in math the range is a low of 3 to a high of 41 out of 45 points possible. I did have an opportunity to view our 5th grade scores in comparison to Randels and Dye and they appeared very similar.

Track Meet

If you are available it is great fun to cheer on the Rankin team at the track meet Tuesday. If you are interested in volunteering, Eric is looking for volunteers. If you are wearing a track shirt on Tuesday to support the track team, feel free to wear jeans with it!

Supplies for 15-16

You received your School Supplies wish list for supplies for next year. Please complete the form and return it by Friday. We will process your requests and hope to be able to provide most of them.

Field Day

Cindy has been busy planning the events for field day. Please remind students to wear appropriate foot wear for Friday....socks and shoes. We may again need to adjust based on the weather but looks great at this time! Stay tuned on Thursday. We know how Michigan weather changes…..

Staff Meeting Survey

Each year we have a staff meeting in September. In your mail box Monday will be a survey for CAEA members to vote on the date and time for our 15-16 Staff Meeting. Return your completed vote to Leanne, Amy or I.