Home of the Brave

Book By: Katherine Applegate

Social Issue

The social issue in Home of the Brave in my opinion is that around the world there are people that are getting involved in wars that are killing parents and family members of children which results in children being moved from their home to a country they know nothing about or getting stuck with another family. I know this because Kek and his village in Africa was invaded by people 'with guns' as Kek and Gunwar would say and many children and their parents/family were separated, or the parents/ family members were killed, both of which happened to Kek.

Being an Advocate

I (and others) can be an advocate for this social issue by helping children that are coming from other countries by being their friend and standing up for them against bullies. I know that these will help people like Kek because in the book Hannah becomes Kek's friend and that makes Kek a bit happier and helps him feel less alone. I also know that when in the book when those boys passed Kek and Hannah when Kek was giving her something for he birthday the boys were talking about how Kek should leave Hannah alone that made Kek sad and it seemed to reflect on what Gunwar said earlier in the book about how he felt that even though you live in America, they never let you feel like an American.


Kek changed from the beginning of the story to the end because at the beginning of the book he was cheerful, confident and optimistic. Although, after a while of them not finding his mother and him being alone in this new place, he seemed to loose hope in anything good ever happening. After a bit longer though, he seems in a better mood and a little more like himself. In the epilogue, he seems much more hopeful and excited when he meets his mother and he feels finally like he might belong in America after all, and he becomes more hopeful once more. The same feelings happened with Ivan in The One and Only Ivan, another one of Kathrine Applegate's books.