We are looking forward to an awesome year!

Teacher Workday is August 15!

Teacher workday will begin on Thursday, August 15 at noon. We will begin our meeting in the band room. You can pick up your stack of materials in the cafeteria prior to coming to the meeting. Please be prompt as the schedule is full.

This newsletter

I attended a training to create newsletters online. I am not certain that I will be able to use this for district newsletters which was why I signed up for the workshop. However it could be very useful for you to communicate with parents and also for students to do presentations. Lots of great things it can do. Please review and if you are interested in learning more, contact me below at the link below.

Mandatory Inservice

Tuesday, Aug. 13th, 8am

band room

This inservice will be covering the....

Teacher Work Day Schedule

12-12:30 Welcome and announcements

12:30-1:15 training with Mrs. Homan

1:15-1:40 Bloodborne pathogens


Videos below

I have placed some videos below for your listening pleasure. Thought you could use a chuckle today.

Why We Need Common Core: "I choose C."
Rigor in the Classroom
Common Core Lesson Plans - Rated very funny! commoncorelessonplantemplates.com