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Matthew Olesen Editor-in-Chief

Labor is Over Working the Child of America

Pittston, PA - A coal company had children from all over working in terrible conditions. Are we going to do this to the future leaders of America? The owners of these companies want the children because they are more manageable, cheaper, and less likely to strike. Because they are children they pay them less which is not fair; they will work just as hard as adults. American children work in many different places that are very dangerous and very low paying like mines, glass factories, textiles, agriculture, canneries, home industries as news boys, messengers, boot blacks, and peddlers. These children are not be able to attend schools instead they are working cheap and risking their lives. The children of America should be treated right and should be going to school for knowledge.
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Studing the Government

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The big combines owning the government

John D Rockefeller (The guy holding the white house in his hand) was co-founder of the standard oil company. These big company owners are controlling our government because they achieved their American Dream that is fine but now they are ruining other Americans their dream. They can treat their workers however they would want and if they got fined the owners could pay it off. Owners then would just go back and do it again are we going to let the get away with this stuff?

Hawaii wants to Join The U.S. Hawaii Joins the U.S.

Honolulu, Hawaii- Honolulu is where the king signed the bayonet Constitution. The king signed it so now we control the land and economy but the king still has power so we did not take away it from him. They gave us Americans Pearl Harbor and said we could keep permanent warship-spot. We help them sell their sugarcane, pineapple, and sandalwood. It will help us economically and a rest stop from California to Asia. Hawaii will become our 50th state.
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Food Will help Win the War

Help us win the war by donating your food to your local New York drive. If you do not want to help protect this nation than you can help us feed the army. We need your help to not eat as much food to save for our soldiers so they are able to have energy and help save our lives.

Local events and Great Sales

  • Land for sale 10 acres for $125 in the country.
  • Need two workers to pull corn $.10 an hour 6 days a week.
  • Police officer openings apply today and help watch the streets.
  • Join the Army to help protect your country and Americans.
  • Make a victory garden to help feed our soldiers.
  • Go see Louis Armstrong performed with tickets for $5.

U.S. is Joining The War!

The U.S. is joining the war and we join the side of the strong Allies. We have Britain, France, and Russia. The Germans in a new technology sank one of our ships and they killed 128 Americans. Germany had ships that were not allowed on our east coast. Well this was going on they are still sinking our ships. The Germans sent a letter to Mexico and said if they would declare war on us they would take away our land and give Mexico some of it back. Are we going to stand back and watch them do this to us? No of course not we are going to be the strong nation we are and stand up for our rights. Help us win this war by doing many things like enroll in the army, make victory gardens, get liberty bonds, and donate your food to feed our strong army.

Babe Ruth best ball player around

Baltimore, Maryland- Babe was born in February 6th, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. Batting average is .342 and he just got his 2,500 hits, 600 home runs, and era is 2.28. What stats he has a few more years in him and is still on of the greatest players in this time! Babe bats left and also pitches/ throughs left handed. One of his names that will stick around for awhile is "The Slugger". Babe is going on his 12th season with the Yankees. Him and the Yankees have won 4 World Series.

The Great Gatsby book of the year?

Author F- Scott- Fitzgerald wrote this book and they people live on an town called West Egg of summer 1922. This book was published April 10, 1925. It is about a guy "The Gatsby" who fulfilled his American dream. This book in the first year sold very poorly but after he died it became a very good selling book at what's happening right now.

Capital: Baton Rouge

Nickname: The Pelican State

Oregon- OR

Capital- Salem

Nickname-Beaver State