The Physician

"School of Furtherance in the medical arts"

The Physicians Bio

The school "The Physician" Stands for "The arts of healing and medicine". And the schools mission is to Guide Students to become something in the doctor industry. Next, The way how our school is chronologically ordered is. Each class consists of a 1 hour period. For example, students take 2 different academics and two different electives each semester and each class is one hour. so basically their will be 4 bells in total. Also, "The physicians" Focus will be a doctorate school. Because we are willing to take students in guiding them to be a healer. and, What else We focus on is Career prep so they may be a Healer. Finally, For those who are interested in participating, we will be located In 400 Angel lane Parkway 40078 FL.

Our school

"The Physician" Has many things. For example, Our school colors are Red and white because these colors represent Healing. and that is what we exactly demonstrate. Also, The mascot for our Marvelous school is the snake. And the significance of the snake represents transformation, immortality, and healing. Also, our school is open to all traditions and races because we are open to help anyone who is in need to be a Doctor