Summer 2015 Classes

There's still space in these great kinesiology classes!

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Summer Classes

KIN 3132 - Introduction to Motor Development Across the Lifespan

Instructor: Richard Rodgerson, Ph.D

10:10 A.M. - 12:25 P.M. , M,Tu,W,Th (06/15/2015 - 07/10/2015)

KIN 3132 is an introduction to the emergence, development, and stabilization of motor skills, and to the changes in motor skills that occur across the lifespan. The class is relevant to students who are interested in movement and development over the lifespan.

KIN 3136 - Mental Skills Training for Sport

Instructor: Andrew White

10:20 A.M. - 01:05 P.M. , M,Tu,W,Th,F (06/15/2015 - 07/02/2015)

One of the main goals of this course is for students to understand the nature of mental skills training in sport and exercise as well as acquire experiential knowledge related to mental skills and performance enhancement in sport and exercise.

KIN 3385 - Human Physiology

Instructor: Katelyn Nyberg

10:10 A.M. - 11:50 A.M. , M,W,Th (06/15/2015 - 08/07/2015) + LAB SESSION

This course is a a functional and integrative approach to human physiology and is organized by level of description from molecular messengers to dynamic movement and clinical conditions. This course is designed for the advanced undergraduate student in Kinesiology, as well as advanced students in such complementary areas as public health, nutrition, physiology, biology, biochemistry, or any sport- related areas.

KIN 4641 - Training Theory & Analytics I for Sport Performance

Instructor: Stacy Ingraham, Ph.D.

08:15 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. , M,Tu,W,Th,F (06/08/2015 - 06/19/2015)

KIN 5136 - Psychology of Coaching

Instructor: Nicole M. LaVoi, Ph.D.

08:15 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. , M,Tu,W,Th,F (07/13/2015 - 07/24/2015)

The class focuses on three major dimensions:

  1. information on establishing a learning and social climate that enhances the effectiveness of coaches and maximizes the skill and personal growth AND development of athletes (e.g., leadership, motivation, communication), while pursuing optimal performance.
  2. techniques for developing and refining psychological skills to enhance athletic performance and personal growth (e.g., goal setting, imagery, relaxation skills).
  3. critical reflection, writing and thinking skills, and presentation skills

KIN 5142 - Applied Nutrition for Sport Performance

Instructor: Jana Dengel, MS, RD, LD 08:15 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. , M,Tu,W,Th,F (06/25/2015 - 07/10/2015)

This course was designed to help explain what types of research have been used to evaluate the relationship between nutrition and health or sports performance and evaluate the pros and cons of each type.

KIN 5441- Applied Sport Science Research

Instructor: Stacy Ingraham, Ph.D.

This course will be an online offering. Contact the instructor for further information.

This course is an introduction to varied contributions of sport sciences to athletic performance.

KIN 5720 - Special Topics in Kinesiology: Applied Movement Analysis Technology

Instructor: Joshua Aman, Ph.D.

08:30 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. , M,Tu,W,Th,F (08/10/2015 - 08/25/2015)

The course has been designed to provide the student with the knowledge and tools to effectively analyze movement patterns using videography, optoelectronic cameras, wearable sensors and other movement analysis technology. Students will comprehend the basic, underlying components of movement and movement deficits. The student will be able to identify deficient patterns that could result in injury. The student will be able to apply those concepts within the confines of their self-selected movement skill.