April 11, 2014

Learning Goal 1: I can draw a pictograph and bar graph.

Learning Goal 2: I can solve problems using information from graphs.

Your job today:

1. Visit the site below:

*Choose to either learn more by watching one of the videos or practice by playing a few of the games.

Graphing site

2. Collect data to create either a pictograph or bar graph.

*Get 1 number cube from the basket and roll it 20 times. Track which numbers you roll in a tally chart.

3. Decide which graph you will be making:

*Bar graph on computer:

Make a graph

(e-mail your bar graph to me- be sure to add your name in the title, ex What is your favorite car? by Mrs. Welch)

*Pictograph on paper with markers/crayons

(turn in- be sure to include a key for your symbols)

4. Quick Check

*Grab the quick check off of the table (it has questions on the front and the back)

*Turn it into the blue tray