Spanish-American War

By: Matt Argent

Why did the United States go to war against Spain in 1898, and why was the outcome significant?

The reason that the war was fought was because Spain would not give Cuba their independence, and the reason the outcome was significant was because it gave us control of the Philippines, and also started to pave the way as a world power.

Section 2

All started when little Cuba decided that they wanted to become their own independent country. The United States used this situation as an economic boost, and the while this was all going on, Cuba was attempting to end slavery, and start a war with Us, America. The fact is that all important stories that can help or hurt a side of the conflict can be warped and over exadurated is an understatement. What was going on in Cuba wasn't good that's for sure, but the fact is that there are two sides to every story. Also when reading about the Reconcentration camps, and the events that transpired within them was sad, and quite unnecessary. Lastly, the kind of coverage using mass media was good to let the word out, but some abused that privilege by putting out false or not 100% true data.

Section 3

The Spanish people wrote a nasty and provoking letter called the De Lome, that offended and insulted the united states as a whole. Then the incident of The USS Maine occured. The sinking of a large ship outside the skirts of an area called Havana. Many people wanted war with cuba, and news paper companies, and other sources of mass media were just making the issue worse by egging them on. This whole situation was messed up, and many people at the time were judging the situation on things that the newspaper companies were stretching out.

Section 4

This is a disaster. There is death everywhere. The war started as just a battle in the Philippines, and now it has moved to Santiago, and even San Juan hill. Thankfully we have gotten some reinforcements called rough riders. Roosevelt supposedly picked them all out individually, that's crazy if you think about it. But they cant come soon enough. This disease is litlerly eating us alive. about 5,500 have died total, I gotta go, before they see me. God bless america.

Section 5

The downfall of america. The characters in the cartoons represent each country in the matter. the ones chopping the tree are the Cubans, and the people who are watching in the background are the Americans who just sat back. The Platte Amendment was the official withdraw of American troops from Cuba. The anti imperialism league was the organization that was established to try and prevent the start of wars against opposing countries.