English Project

by:Angel de Jesus Soto Moreno

The most dangerous game

The Most Dangerous Game is about a person call Rainsford that falls in a bout and he has to swim to a island to survive, he found a person call General Zaroff ,he lives in there, he ask him if he want to hunt together, but what he really means is that General Zaroff is going to hunt him, when he tell Rainsford, he was so scared, he tell him some rules if he survive 3 days he is going to let him go, but in that 3 days he can't leave the island, General Zaroff has give to Rainsford a knife, but he is going to use a pistol and his dogs, so the game started Rainsford was running for his life, he make some traps but it didn't work it only kill one of his dogs and other person, he survive 2 days but then in the 3 day zaroff almost got him he run so fast and he jump in to the ocean, zaroff was mad so he went back to his house, but when he get is his house Rainsford was in there, so that's the end of the story, but what every one think in the class is that Rainsford kill him and he win the game.


This story have a conflict because General Zaraff is trying to hunt Rainsford, and Rainsford is not okay with that.

In this story has 3 types of conflicts it have man vs nature because he has to survive in the ocean and I the jungle, it have man vs man because he fight against Zaraff, and also have man vs self because he needs to be strong and not freak out.

Rounding Flat Character

This story have rounding flat character because you can see the feelings of the characters.

Rounding flat character is when the characters whose action do not affect the plot.


The setting take places in a island, but also take place in a bout and in the ocean.

The setting is the place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place.


This story have Foreshadowing because when Zaroff tell Rainsford that he want to hunt together you can really tell that Zaroff is trying hunt hem.

Foreshadowing is a literary device by which an the author hints what is to come It is used to avoid disappointment. It is also sometimes used to arouse the reader.