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March 2014

VLF Puppetry Contest

Thank you to Ms. C. Thomas, Ms. A. Pedersen, Ms. C. Pontens-Alemu and their classes for participating in the VLF Puppetry Contest. The following individuals received recognition:

  • Tia Freeland and Radja Oates, Honorable Mention, Individual, Hand
  • Kayla Adams and Jada Bentley, 2nd Place, Individual, Hand
  • Vanessa Ward and Deanna Palmer, 3rd Place, Individual, Hand
  • Deanna Palmer, 1st Place, Individual, Finger
  • Isis Arboleda, 2nd Place, Individual, Finger
  • Ms. C. Pontens-Alemu, 1st Place, Joint, Marionette
  • Ms. A. Pedersen, 2nd Place, Individual, Rod

Read Around the Planet

Students from Dr. Amanfo's Special Education class connected with a class from Mattawan Consolidated School in Mattawan, Michigan. Ms. Pontens-Alemu and her French students connected with Ecole St. Cecilia Junior High, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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