Don't Drink

It Isn't Cool, It Makes You Act Like a Fool

It's not So Cool After all

Many teenagers may think that drinking is a cool thing to do. They don't think about all the damage they are doing to their body. What they don't know is if you drink to much you could get long-term effects like cancer, or a disease in the liver called cirrhosis. These diseases could lead you to death faster than normal. There all also a lot of short-term effects that could damage you as well. For example, your speech would become slurred. This isn't dangerous but it could still affect you.

Long Term Health Effects Of Alcohol

Drinking Could Lead To Death

Drinking alcohol could lead you to death much sooner then normal. You could get long-term effects like cancer, and a disease called cirrhosis which is a disease in the liver. Cancer kills cells in your body that are needed to survive. Drinking would cause your vision to become fuzzy. Since many teenagers get their license and are drinking, when they drive they wouldn't be able to see the road clearly and could crash, killing themselves or others in the car.

Statistics About Alcohol

  • 72% of Americans do drink that are between the ages of 18 and 34
  • when surveyed in the July of 2011, 54% of Americans admitted that they have drank 1 to 7 alcoholic drinks within the past 7 days
  • About 78% of Americans do drink alcohol

What It Does to Your Bones

Drinking alcohol could also affect your bones. Your bones would become soft, thin, brittle, and weak. You could even develop arthritis from drinking and maybe even end up in a wheelchair. You shouldn't have to live your life in a wheelchair, especially if drinking is the cause

Lung and Stomach Effects

Your lungs and stomach could also be affected from alcohol. If you drink, you are more likely to get the illnesses called pneumonia and collapsed lungs. This could give you a hard time breathing and you would have a greater chance of dying. Your stomach would begin to produce too much acid. Too much acid in your stomach isn't an excellent thing to have. Your stomach would also develop ulcers and stomach cancer. This, like lungs effect, would also put you at a risk of dying.

(To the left is an image of a healthy lung and collapsed lungs)

Other Effects

  1. Your ears may make distinguishing sounds and telling where they are coming from would be much harder if you overly drink alcohol.
  2. After you drink you would begin to talk very slowly with a slur.
  3. Your esophagus would become torn up from all the alcohol you are consuming.
  4. The heart rate would begin to slow down as an affect of drinking.
  5. The skin on your body would become flushed and warm. Alcohol also makes acne on your body worse.

What It All Comes Down To

As you can tell, drinking affects your body in many ways. When you drink alcohol it puts your body at risk of many diseases. People shouldn't drink unless they want to actually die soon which most people don't. I would suggest trying to quit drinking alcohol and become sober, and if you aren't drinking, don't ever abuse it. It’s okay to have 1 or 2 drinks once in a while but not everyday. It can kill you.