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Welcome Back AGAIN!

Welcome back again! We are already in full swing with our second semester and even though it was interrupted by Jack Frost, we are well on our way. As we start this semester, I highly encourage you to make sure your child has a structured place at home for learning and keeping track of materials. The second semester will move quickly and the content will become more challenging. Carving out a quiet learning space in your home is must to help your child develop good study habits and stay on top of things.

Giving hope after Harvey

The PTO fundraising efforts started humbly through “Lovett Strong” t-shirt sales, small cash donations from our parents and blossomed into something unbelievable.

During the fundraising process a Chevron and Downey Wholesale group sent a massive in-kind donation(an entire 18 wheeler) of goods to Lovett that ranged from food, to water, cleaning supplies, you name it. There was so much we ended up sharing these goods with the entire Bellaire Feeder Patter(Bellaire HS, Pershing, Pin Oak, Kotler, Horn…) As the money and goods continued to come in, a group of Lovett parents(Kurt and Seema Dawson, Niti Shah and Rebecca Gomez Stacey) had a vision of a benefit concert, Hope for Harvey, within a few short weeks they had a venue, commitments from five(5) local bands of all music genres and netted over $9,000. The total for the benefit concert(Hope for Harvey) was $9,167.44, our fundraising total is now up to $19,527.82 PLUS our $5,000.00 already budgeted puts us at $24,572.82. The $5,000 is an amount the PTO Board earmarks each year in an "Emergency/Hardship” line item to help families in need due to traumatic events such as these. There were 91 families impacted and with a partial matching by Target Meyerland of $5,000, we are proud to have provided each family with a Target gift card of $325.00.

PTO fundraisers will continue into the spring with upcoming events like the mother/son dance on January 26th, the Boosterthon fun run in March and the Auction on April 27th. We would love to see you show your support for all of these events.

Schools helping Schools

Lovett would like to thank the following schools for lending a helping hand to our community. The schools below reached out to us and have sent donations to our school totaling over $400.00. PLEASE take a few minutes to send a card or have your child write a kind note and let them know how much we appreciate their help.

Little River Elementary

Principal: Kevin Murphy

43464 Hyland Hills St.

South Riding, VA 20152

Davis Elementary School

Principal: Angela M. Long

310 Davis

Irving, TX 75061

Procedure Update: Items dropped off during the school day

Beginning January 22, 2018, we will no longer interrupt classes for students to pick up items that parents have dropped off. This has become highly disruptive to our learning environment as we are calling into classrooms multiple times during the day for students to pick up homework, lunch, instruments, folders, etc. The easiest solve for this is to help your child organize all of their materials for the school day. We know from time to time things happen and we will do our best to assist in those situations.

Beginning Monday, we will notify students of items in the office at lunch or recess time; we will not interrupt classrooms for students to come to the office to pick up items. If homework, books, etc. are dropped off we will place the item in the teacher's mailbox. Teachers usually check their mailboxes at the start of the day, during their enrichment time and at the end of the school day. For lunches that are dropped off, we utilize a lunch cart and will ensure that the child gets their lunch at the designated time. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

New Start Time for 2018-19

HISD is standardizing start times for all elementary and secondary schools in the 18-19 school year. For next year our school times will be 7:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. During the summer we will send out details on how this will impact our morning schedule as well as extended day.

General Updates

Below are a few updates and things that I need your assistance with:

  • We are still having difficulty with parking in the visitors lot. In particular we have a lot of cars using the striped area next to the handicapped parking space. This is not a separate parking space and should not be used for parking or for pulling into to wait. When we note vehicles parked in this area, we will take your tag and have HISD police address the concern.
  • A reminder to make sure you have your car tags hanging from your vehicles when picking up students.
  • We are having a problem with tardy student in the morning. Remember at 8:00 we need students sitting in their desk and ready to start the day.
  • A reminder that when coming into the building during the day, you must wear your visitors badge provided to you in the main office and you must go where your badge indicates you should be going.

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