Communicating through Email

How do we effectively communicate and write electronic mail?

Discussion with elbow Partner....

How does the internet provide a means of communicating to people in everyday situations? How are messages sent and received? What are some reasons why may send messages? For what reasons might you receive a message from someone?

Group discussion after partner talk.....

Explain what the word email means.

Show example of email communication- discuss purpose- audience- which message was initially sent, which one was a reply.

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Directions on logging into email accounts:

1. open up the internet and go to our Centerfield website:

2. Go to the teachers tab and click on Email on office 365.

2. Type in your email address like the example below and then your password like the example below.

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Parts of email accounts: Uses and functions

Other attributes of electronic mail that may be useful.....

Compare and Contrast Electronic Mail to a Letter- Group Discussion

Which parts are the same? Which parts are different? What are some things you need to check for after typing an email?

Safety with using email accounts.....

Write to an Authentic Audience to Demonstrate Learning....

Your task is to demonstrate not only your knowledge of email but your knowledge of other core content areas you have been learning about in class.

1. Pick one of the three content area questions to answer in an email.

What are elements in fantasy text give evidence and explain. (ELA) Mrs. Blake

Explain what you know about calculating volumes of objects (Math) Mrs. Patterson

What is the industrial revolution-what are the significance of inventions during this time. (SS)

Mrs. Scott

2. Open up a new message, type in the person's address, and then answer the question in complete sentences providing evidence and details. Make sure to include all parts of an email message and use the checklist above to check your work.

3. When you have completed your task and checked to make sure everything is correct hit send. Then sign out of your account.

4. When you finish work, on a Voice level of 0, write down different authentic ways you will be utilizing email in the future and why this will be beneficial to you as a student and an adult.