A Guide to Religion

By: Kiera Croxen


Buddhism was created in the fifth century B.C.E in Lumpini which is in present day Nepal

It was founded by Buddha

It spread due to Buddha traveling around China. The places he passed through often converted and monks popped up and followed Buddhism.

487,760,000 follow Buddhism as of the poll taken in 2010

It is and was popular throughout China. It is also popular throughout Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

Buddhism promotes peace, nonviolence, and not attaching yourself to material items. It impacts the world because it promotes better qualities in people.


Hinduism was formed in India nearly 4,000 years ago.

Developed out of Brahminism.

Spread through Merchants who came to India for trade and to sell things.

As of 2010 the amount of people practicing Hinduism was 1,032,210,000

It was popular throughout India and still is today, also practiced in Nepal. Practiced in smaller numbers all around the world.

Promotes peace and calm. Created many philosophies. Negatively impacts the worl because women are viewed as lesser.


Created in China 475 BCE

Founded by Hanfeizi

Legalism really didn't spread but remained in China.

Legalism is no longer popular and really practiced today

Was popular in China in the past.

The Religion has died out and no longer impacts us.


Founded in the 5th-6th century BCE. Place founded was China.

Created by Confucius.

It was spread through China's influence. It spread to Korea, and Japan through word of mouth basically.

Popular in China, Korea, and Japan. Not really popular in today's world.

Approximately 6,300,000 follow Confucianism today.

Confucianism is the foundation and deeply rooted in China's culture and mindset today. It affects China which also affects the rest of the world.


Founded in China in the 4th century BCE.

Created by a man named Laozi.

The followers of Taoism passed along their ways through their actions and word of mouth. Also Encouraged by the Royal House.

Popular throughout China, Korea, Japan, and Asia in the past. Mainly practiced today is Taiwan and China.

Roughly about 20 million followers today.

Roughly 30% of China's population defines themselves as followers of Taoism/Daoism. Taoism encourages people to practice living with nature and helping the world out. It makes it so more people worry about our earth and protecting it and bettering out ecosystem.