95% Instruction and Materials

What You Need to Know....


Tier I: Intervention within Core Instruction

6th grade LA teachers are to provide 95% instruction 5 minutes/day using the MSRC

Tier II: Classroom Intervention

LA teachers will provide 95% instruction using the Phonics Chip Kits and the PLL Kits during AP (Carpenter, Hall, Gans, Meeks, Newman, Waite, Weisrock)

Tier III: Pull Out Intervention

Support Staff will provide 95% instruction using the PLL Kits and the BluePrint Comprehension Kits


95% Materials are located within my office, Room 319C. Either Heather Gans or myself can assist you with getting the materials that you need.

I am at Sudlow on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Day 1 Wednesdays with the exception of district meetings. In my absence from the building, please see Heather Gans. Heather can enter my office and gather the materials that you need.

Also, there are several copies of student handouts for Routines 23-25 already printed and in my office. If you have need of these materials, please make use of these that are already printed. Thank you.

Monica Swift, Reading Instructional Coach

Building Support Schedule:

Sudlow Intermediate: Mon., Tues., Day 1 Wed.

Williams Intermediate: Day 2 Wed., Thur., Fri.