Women Rights

By: Chloe, Mickiel, Emylee, Alexis

Time Line


Women are allowed to vote in New Jersey because the state's constitution uses the term “Inhabitants”


Elizabeth Cady Stanton is among the organizers of the first women's rights conventions in Seneca falls, New York


Jeannette Rankin of Montana becomes the first women elected to the white house.


Women get the right to vote


Women take over the jobs left by men who went to world war 2


Congress passed the equal rights law


Sandra Day O'Connor becomes the first woman on the supreme court.


Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi is the first women to speak for the White House

The 19th amendment

“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United states or by any State on account of sex.”


  1. Women attempted to fight in American Wars either openly or secretly

  2. One hundred U.S senators only twenty are women

  3. Four-hundred & eighty-five House of Representatives eighty-four are female

  4. The Nation's effort for women's right to vote began in 1848
  5. Victoria Woodhull was the first female to run for president
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Extra Website facts

1. Scholars have debated women’s movement underwent fundamental change before and after 1920

2. During the 1880s, the women’s rights movement struggled to maintain momentum