Rhine River

Lucas Baker 3rd hour


The Rhine river is located in western europe, to the east of france and to the west of germany. The Rhine river flows though Switerland, France , Liechtenstein , The Netherlands, Germany , and Austria. The Rhine river borders France , Germany , Liechtenstein , Switerland, and Austria.


The lengh is 1,230 km or 764 mi.

The average width of the Rhine is 400 meters.

The square mileage of the basin of the rhine is 37,750 square miles.

Phsical Characteristics

The Rhine river plays host to a number of marine creatures. For example in one of the least polluted areas of the river , The Upper Rhine ,sunfish, rainbow trout, roach, carp, silver bream, burbot and stone loach are abundant. In the Middle Rhine white-backed woodpecker, red kite, long-eared owl and icterine warbler are populous around the river thriving on fish from the river. The climate of the Rhine River and Rhine river valley is Marine West Coast. Most of the water in The Rhine River is polluted slightly , but areas of the upper Rhine in the alps are very clean . There are many under water grasses in the Rhine river like waterlilies. At Bingen Germany two hazardous parts of the river were blasted out to create flatter river beds and easier navigable streams.

Human Characteristics

The languages of the Rhine and around the Rhine are French , German, and Dutch. The main religions of and around the Rhine River are Roman Catholic and Protestant. The political systems around the Rhine River are currently Democracy pro. The economic activities of the Rhine river are currently trade and tourism. Populations along the Rhine River are on average much much higher than any where else in Europe. However populations do start to drop off at the alps.

Natural Reasources

Well there are no natural resources or almost none that can be mined, pumped or melted. The Rhine rivers Natural resources lie in the water that provides good farm land , transportation, exploration, and trade.


The physical geography of the feature has affected the people that live there by allowing them to mix and mingle than that they most normally would and get more insight and ideas than if they didn't live by the Rhine river. many people live by the Rhine river. Some major cities along the Rhine are Amsterdam, Basal, Mainz , and Cologne