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Animoto is a presentation tool designed by Web 2.0 to help make your classroom more engaging! Animoto takes the boring out of Power Point presentation lectures and puts excitement into motivating video presentations! It's free to! Check it out! Your students will love it!
Animoto Video Example
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What's it all about?

Animoto can be used for personal use or educational use! Teachers, do you want your students to be engaged and motivated to learn? Do you want your students to be excited about coming to school, more specifically coming to your classroom? This is the way to do it!

Animoto is a fun and interactive way to allow students to present without boring the audience! Not only that, but you can actually use this to teach your students without them getting bored!

Shakespeare is voted one of the most boring topics to learn about in school...but take a look at how Animoto makes it worth the while of staying awake!
Animoto Example: Shakespeare

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