Guide to How to Surivie 6th Grade

Kaitlyns Guide to How to survive in 6th Grade

How to act in the Hallway.

In the hallway you need to be respectful of other classes. That means don't yell in halllway. Don't forget you stuff in your locker because if you do you could get a strike from forgetting you stuff. Make a suchule for you locker visties and if you don't its going to be hard getting around.
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how to act in the hallway and how not to act in the hallway

Strike System

The strike system is if you aren't Ready Respectful,Reponsible. If you are Ready,Respectful and Responsible you shouldn't be worried
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How to take care of your Chrome Book

To take care of your Chrome book you need to charge it every night. Don't have food or drinks near your chrome book. Make sure you have your Chorme Book at school.
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Classrom Knowledge

You come to school to learn. So make sure you have your assiments with you. If you don't have your assiments with you then you will get a strike. Be kind to your peers. If you aren't then you will get a strike
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