1A Weekly News

February 18, 2016

A Note From Miss Kelly

Thank you for everyone who helped make our Valentine's Party a success! Check out the pictures below.

We also had a great writing celebration with KGF. Check out our video below!

Next week we are starting our Opinion Writing Unit. To help launch this unit, students will wear their favorite outfit to school on Sunday. This could be their favorite dressy outfit, favorite pajamas, favorite sports outfit, any favorite outfit. Then they will have to explain why it is their favorite. Since we also have PE on Sunday, please make sure your child brings a change of clothes if their favorite outfit is not PE appropriate.

Also, students need to bring their favorite stuffed animal on Monday. We will repeat the process of explaining why something is our favorite.

Next week I am traveling to Mumbai to attend a technology conference. I will be away from school on Wednesday, Thursday, and the following Sunday. Please call the office if you have any messages that need to be directed to the substitute.



A Peek at Our Week Ahead

Wear Your Favorite Outfit to School

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 8am

American School of Doha

Bring Your Favorite Stuffed Animal to School

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 8am

American School of Doha

Friendship Festival

Friday, Feb. 26th, 12-2pm

American School of Doha