My Somalian Traditions

My Family and Heritage Community

My Traditions

My family has nine people, without me. And on special occasions, we have special food like the Sambusa. The Sambusa has a crusty outside and a meaty inside. The meat is shredded and has onions and spices. Many non-somalians eat the Sambusa and say it's spicy. Mrs. Elton has tasted it and recommends it to other people. Another kind of food is the cookies not many people eat this but is really good. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is hard to bite into. I personally like the m&m cookies much better. The last one I'm going to introduce you to is the cake. It is really thick and doesn't have frosting, it doesn't really have to. We have this kind of food on days like Eid and the end of fasting. I would like to have these kinds of food, not just on special occasions, but whenever we want to eat it.

My Difference in Communities

The difference from different communities is that my community is about my family and traditions. But if other people might have different family traditions. My community is really fun because I have many different people to hangout with and go places with. Sometimes we go on a picnic in the park and have watermelon and sandwiches. Sometimes we have the most fun at places many people don't like.