Cinderella vs Yeh-Shen

By:Amy Ehrlich and By: Ai-Ling Louie


Cinderella was the most beautiful girl in the land and she lived with her step family. One day there was a massage that the Prince was having a ball where the he would find his true love and she was not aloud to go but she went eney way and got married to the prince!
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Yeh-Shen the adaptation of Cinderella

Yeh-Shen grew up as a foster child her step mother hates her because she was more beautiful than her own daughter! Yeh-Shen's only friend was a fish and once the evil step mother found out she killed the fish! Yeh-Shen kept the bones because someone told her that they were spiritual. When she snuck to the festival she lost her shoe and that is how she married the king.

My Thingking

I like Cinderella because I think that being kind very very kind so you get your way and not leaving people behind.


They both have step familys

They both snuck out

They both are some what kind


Cinderella married a Prince/Yhe-Shen married a King

Yeh-Shen had a fish

Cinderella has a glass slipper/Yeh-Shen has a golden sliper