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Mrs. Walsh's Newsletter

Missing Everyone

I am missing my students' smiles and hugs. I am grateful for the time we have had together this year to build great relationships. Please know that you are all in our thoughts daily. We are in a difficult time with this pandemic going on. We are making history as this is being typed. Difficult times calls for strong people. I am encouraging everyone to continue to be the best they can be, just as if we were still at school. Be patient with your family members and practice self-care. Above all stay well. Sleep hard, play hard, work hard (academically), and LOVE hard. And let us not to forget to forgive others, especially during this difficult time.

We were getting ready to learn about diversity upon returning from spring break. Diversity means accepting people's differences. Everyone is entitled to be uniquely themselves. Now we have a huge challenge to accept differences in our daily routines. Change is not always easily accepted, but this is our new reality. Together with the support of each other we can make it through any and all challenges.

As we are adjusting to our new life at home, I would love to hear from you about your new normal lives or just how you are doing. Please send me pictures , notes, or concerns to my email:

The Importance of Creating a Daily Routine

Now more than ever our students need a daily routine. A daily routine gives us structure and discipline in our lives. Children definitely need routines for bed time, wake up time, homework time, shower/personal hygiene time, play time, and now, a set time for distance learning.

There are many reasons for a daily routine.

1. We become more efficient as our daily routines become more familiar and standardized.

2. Routines instill good habits through repetition.

3. Routines reduce procrastination; activities become ingrained and habitual.

4. Routines build momentum through repetition as well as building success.

5. Routines build self confidence through a sense of satisfaction of completion of activites.

6. Routines lower stress and aid in relaxation allowing the student to be in control of certain things.

For more reasons to have a daily routine read the article below: