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HCES Students Are Saving To Dropbox

Have you heard of Dropbox? If not, ask your son or daughter about it. Our students have been introduced to this wonderful tool in their classrooms, and have begun to incorporate it into their daily routine. Dropbox is a free service that offers cloud storage for photos, documents, and videos. It allows you access to these items from all your computers, smartphones, tablets, and even the Dropbox website! Dropbox also makes sharing your files easy.

Our students have created accounts and are saving their documents, videos, and photos to Dropbox on their school laptops. By doing so, it eliminates the use of the flashdrive and the unfortunate event of losing it. Students can easily save and store their work to Dropbox for easy retrieval at school, home, or on-the-go. They can also share a link to their work with you, their teacher, or others.

We would like for you to know more about Dropbox, so that you may assist your child with the use of it at home. Please take a few minutes to review the provided information. It will help you understand more about it and how it works.
Dropbox Tutorial

HCES Student Dropbox Accounts

There is no need to setup a Dropbox account for your child. We have visited the classrooms and walked the students through the process of creating their accounts. The student Dropbox accounts were created with their school email addresses and their computer passwords. If your son/daughter is having a difficult time logging into their Dropbox account from home, please have them verify their email address and password with their teacher.