Math update!!!!!

How we use multiplying and dividing in are everyday life?

Blakez tells us about math!!!=🌊😱😵🌚⚡️🌁🌋➖🎂➕😥🕓🕢

Welcome to the news with are special guest Blake.Thank you thank you.So Blake how do we use math in are everyday life.We use it in are everyday life like doing math promplems board games and weather ect.Also the engineers use it everyday buy building things like homes also the have to do the math on the blue prints.Well thanks Blake that's all we have time for so tune in next time!
Welcome to the Ethan show with are guest Kathern aka Katie Leeper.Thank you thank you.So tell me about division.Ok first engineers they use division everyday also decimals we use them to divid them so times also homework and board games some games have division also homework we have some division promplems on it.Well that all the time thanks for tuning in and have a great day!.