Stages of Mitosis

Amanda Russell & Keri Lynn Johnson


Interphase is the first and longest stage of Mitosis, during this stage the DNA in the cell is duplicated. Centrioles divide and proteins are actively produced.
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Prophase is the second step of Mitosis. The nucleolus fades and chromatin condenses into chromosomes. Each chromosome has 2 chromotids both with the same genetic information.
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Metaphase is the third step of Mitosis. Tension applied by the spindle fibers aligns all chromosomes in one plane at the center of the cell.
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Anaphase is the fourth step in Mitosis. During this stage spindle fibers shorten and the chromotids are puled apart and begin moving to the cell poles.
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Telephase is the fifth step in Mitosis. During this stage the chromotids arrive at the poles and the spindle fibers that have pulled them apart disappear.
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Cytokinesis is the sixth and final step in Mitosis. During this stage the spindle fibers not attached to the chromosomes begin breaking down. The cell splits apart and creates two identical cells.
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