Using smore in Your Library

Making & using smore posters

What is smore?

Smore is a free online poster template. What I love most is how easy it is to add photos, links, and video content. It is also very easy to share, whether by email, Twitter, or even by a posted link.

I've used for quarterly reports, as well as grant reporting. Take a look of some of the links below, and try it out!

Great examples from

Short video tutorials

Smore Tutorial
Smore Tutorial

The next level: Educator & PRO accounts

Paying the fee for the PRO version really made the tool more effective. Options for saving, printing, and designing are greatly improved. Educator Hive is new this year, and makes sharing posters and ideas a breeze. Many completed posters are library and tech related, so looking them over is productive and thought provoking! The link is below!