North Pole Middle School

Principal's Update - September 17, 2021

Mission Statement

North Pole Middle School believes all students can succeed because education is a shared responsibility between students, home, school, and community in that this partnership provides students opportunities for personal and academic growth in a safe and supportive environment.

September 20th - September 24th Schedule

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Hello Parents and Families

A big thank you for your cooperation in sending your students to school with a mask. Please continue to do so daily, we do have some masks available but not near enough to sustain us in loaning masks out for the remainder of the semester. When you get a moment please thank your student for being so cooperative as well, they really have done a terrific job and we are grateful for that. The School Board will be reviewing their decision to require universal masking at their November/December meetings so stay tuned.


Richard Smith, Principal

Bus Suspensions

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School Start Times and Availability

Our new school start and end times for students are 7:50 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.

Students can be dropped off in the morning at 7:00 a.m. at which time doors will be opened.

Students should plan on leaving the school by 2:35 p.m. unless they are in an after school activity sponsored by school staff.

Morning Drop Off & Afternoon Pickup

Just a reminder to please drive safely, cautiously, and respectfully when dropping your student off in the morning and picking up in the afternoon.

Bus Deviations

A bus deviation is a request for your student to ride a bus that they aren't registered for already and that they don't usually ride.

A few helpful hints on how to request a bus deviation:

  • It MUST be requested in writing via notes, email ( or fax to 907-488-9213. Students may NOT write their own notes.
  • If you send one by email, you will get a reply saying we received it. If you don’t get a reply please call 488-2271. Please have it turned into the office by 1:00 p.m. If you submit an email after 12:00 p.m., please call to confirm receipt.

-Your request needs to have the following information on it:

  • Your student's name
  • Bus number (route) and the name of the street it stops at (if you don't know this, you can call the transportation office at 907-452-2000 and select option 4)
  • How long the deviation is good for (just that day or for the whole school year as needed)
  • Parent's name and contact information
  • Our fax number is:(907)488-9213
  • Email requests to:

Covid Procedures

Click the button below to find information on:

  • Operational Guidelines
  • Mitigation Procedures
  • Wellness Checks for Students and staff


Currently masks are required in the FNSBSD buildings for students, staff, and visitors.

PTO Update

We have a nice group of parents getting involved in PTO and at our most recent meeting we discussed fundraising. As of now NPM cannot hold all school socials due to the large groups of kids and the potential for masks being removed for extended periods of time because the kids want to eat. School socials are a terrific fundraiser, so in the meantime we came up with an alternative plan to raise funds.

In years past NPM has asked for a nominal donation from families to help support the Parent Teacher Student Organizations in its effort to support students. Items that PTSO funding has paid for in the past includes:

  • Popcorn incentives for no tardies to class over a given time
  • Rootbeer floats at lunch for no D’s or F’s at the mid-quarter or quarter grade period.
  • Trinkets for goody bags for kids whose name gets drawn from earning tickets.
  • Items for our Student Store where kids can spend their “Shillings” for being recognized for positive behavior in the area of: Scholarship, Helpfulness, Integrity, Engagement, Leadership and Determination

If you are interested in making a donation you can make your check out to North Pole Middle School and have it brought to our Administrative Secretary, Gena Bolton. If you know of a business that may be interested in making a donation I can provide you with a formal letter describing how funding is used and a Tax ID#.

Our next PTO meeting will be held on October 12 @ 5:30 p.m. in room 134a here at the school. We look forward to seeing you.

School Pictures

School pictures will take place September 23rd and 24th. Please see below for the date your student will have their picture taken. If your student hasn't brought home a picture ordering form, have them stop by the front office. We have plenty left over.
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Activities and Clubs

Click the button below to get information on our current athletics and clubs in addition to scheduled competitions and meetings dates.

Student of the Week!

Students are nominated weekly by selected teachers for upholding one or more of our S.H.I.E.L.D characteristics around the school. S.H.I.E.L.D stands for Scholarship, Helpfulness, Integrity, Engagement, Leadership and Determination. Congratulations to the below mentioned students for the success in one of these areas.

August 30th - September 3rd
  • Liam Limoges nominated by Ms. Golat
  • Elizabeth Smith nominated by Mr. Dorrel
  • Jasper Sipes nominated by Ms. Mueller
  • Brody Bingaman nominated by Ms. Eide

September 7th - 10th

  • Aiden Wisniewski nominated by Mr. Hull
  • Ryleigh Alexander nominated by Ms. Zera
  • Adam Bloom nominated by Ms. Marshall
  • Riley Beaudreault nominated by Ms. Ruckhaus

September 13th - 17th

  • Annette Opferman nominated by Ms. Garcia
  • Neveah Opferman nominated by Mr. Bunselmeier
  • Brayden Nikes nominated by Mr. Kiser
  • Kate Oppe nominated by Mr. Schumaker
  • Layla Workman nominated by Ms. Saiki
  • Jayden Knezovich nominated by Mr. Verley
  • Danali Gold nominated by Ms. Long

Spirit Wear!

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Sports Dates

January 4-April 30: Native Youth Olympics

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Breakfast/Lunch Time

Reminder that both breakfast and lunches are free for ALL STUDENTS for the 2021-2022 school year, no paperwork and no strings attached. The link for our Nutrition Services Department is here, if you would like more information.

Any “a-la-cart” items that the cafeteria may sell will be sold to students and that money will come out of their lunch account. Information about the cost of items can be found below. This link, will take you to a list of all schools in the district so you can see each schools’ breakfast and lunch menu if you are interested.

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