Engage and Learn August 14, 2015


April Fools: Math Class Shadow

Happy Friday!

What a week! I know I was busy and I was happy to see all the different people I met with! It is amazing to see the excitement throughout the buildings and all you teachers making it happen! Do not forget: Even if I am not at your school or building, I am an email away! I actually did a Google Hangout with a teacher that needed me to help. :) Do not be afraid to ask!

My schedule for next week will be

Culver: Monday and Friday

Triton: Tuesday and Thursday

Argos: Wednesday

Shout outs:

Mrs. Ahlenius, Mrs. Faulkner, Mrs. Leeper, Mrs. Mattix, Mrs. Cohagan, Mr. Levi, Mrs. Pitera, Miss Garno, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Ousley, Mrs. Shafer, Mr. Arndt and I know I am missing some (I am sorry) who have jumped into Google Classroom and have spoken to me about different ways to use it and set it up. WAY TO GO!!!

Mr. Walker for getting a Technology Safety Board up and made. It looks great! Here are some ideas for others to use :)

Miss Edison for starting Class Dojo in her classroom!

Below are going to be different FREE resources for students K-12 to read and assess in your classroom. Every classroom could use this from Reading to Science, Math, Social Studies, Art, etc!!

TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome