Miss Reynolds' Report

September 24, 2015

At Tatem we take care of ourselves, each other, and our school.

Kinder Korner

Thank you to all the families who attended "Back-to-School Night" last week. I enjoyed seeing so many of you again! The information in the packet is a great reference to use throughout the school year. For those families who were unable to attend, you should have found the packet in your child's blue folder.

Please consider signing up for Remind text alerts for Room 200. If you follow the directions on my eboard under the "Stay in the Loop" folder, you will be able to receive alerts specific to Room 200.

Happy 6th Birthday, Isabel!

We celebrated Isabel's birthday last Friday. We hope she had a fantastic birthday on September 20th! We played a special "Happy Birthday" brain-break for Isabel. The kids almost loved it as much as "Pop-See-Ko!"

Safety Procedures

Tatem students had a very successful first fire drill. We discussed how during a fire drill our mouths are closed, our hands are at our sides, and we use walking feet. Secondly, the students learned how to quickly and quietly exit a bus at our bus safety drill. The bus driver, Lynne, showed the students all of the emergency exits in case something were to happen while riding a school bus. Room 200 exceeded our expectations for both drills!

Curriculum Corner

Social Studies

We read It's Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr. Students shared what makes them different from their peers. The children looked at themselves in a mirror and drew a self-portrait. They quickly saw that no peer in the class looks identical to them. We discussed physical characteristics, family life, interests, and our special talents that make us individuals.


We have been counting numbers from 0-25. Tables worked together to order numbers from 0 to 25. The class has continued to explore lengths using the terms shorter and longer. Each child was a detective finding objects in the classroom that were shorter or longer than 10 unifix cubes. They were so excited to share the objects they found with their classmates.


Room 200 is continuing to learn new letter sounds and review previously learned sounds. Thus far, the children have learned with our friend "Echo the Owl" the following letter names and sounds: t, b, f, n, m. We have also learned how to write each letter using our own writing tablets. The letters t, b, and f all are "sky-line" letters and we begin writing them on the "sky-line". Letters n and m are "plane-line" letters are we begin writing them on the "plane-line". Next week, we will learn the letter name-keyword-sound for the letters u and i. Please reference the Fundations Sound-Alphabet chart in the blue folder from Back-to-School Night to help reinforce our learned sounds.


Students have completed Lesson 1 this week. We learned our first sight word I, read the big book What is in a Family?, discussed key vocabulary from the story Building with Dad, and learned how to summarize and share the main idea from text.

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop has launched in Room 200. The writers of Room 200 composed their first writing piece. We learned how to "squeeze our brains" to develop our writing skills and go back to revise our work from the previous day. The children have been working hard labeling their pictures and adding more detail to their work.

Word Wall

At "Back to School Night" a list of words came home for you and your child to work on this school year. These words are displayed in the room on the word wall. We think about these words in songs, writing, oral sentences, find them in books, spell them, stomp the letters, etc. It is important to practice these words at home as well.


  • Your child's library book is always due back Day 3 of the following cycle. Day 3 this cycle is Friday, September 25th. Thank you!
  • Go through and empty your child’s folder daily. Reviewing papers with your child reinforces what goes on at school!
  • Please reserve a time for "Mystery Reader," if you haven't already done so!

Home Practice Ideas

  • Please read with and to your child everyday
  • Singing or saying the alphabet
  • Counting
  • Typing
  • Saying the child’s full name (learning what is the first, middle, and last name)
  • Writing name with the correct letter form
  • Stretching out words as you read them

Important Events!

Friday, 9/25/15 - September Scholastic Book Orders due to Miss Reynolds

Friday, 9/25/15 - Playground Meet-up/Celebrity Story Time Grade K-1 6:30pm-7:30pm

Friday, 10/2/15 - Individual Student Picture Day

Tuesday, 10/6/15 - Fall Enrichment Classes Begin

Saturday, 10/10/15 - Tatem 5K Run 8am-10am