Democratic Republicans


~ Assuming the states debt.

  • democratic republicans agreed to assume the states debt as long as they moved the nation's capital to banks of Potomac River in the south.

~ Creation of a National Bank

  • Wanted constitution strictly interpreted.
  • wanted a balance between federal and state powers.

~ French Revolution

  • Democratic Republican supported overthrow of the French King .

Power in National Government

~ democratic republicans thought that all power should be equal.

~ Alien and Sedition

  • lived in the west and accused of urging the native americans to attack us.
  • Our national leaders wrote the va and ky resolutions that stated states have the right to nullify any right congress that was unconstitutional.

War of 1812

  • Us declared War on Great Britain invaded Canada while Canada won.
  • British Army attacked Washington DC , burning down the capitol building and the President's House ( White House )

Additional Facts !!

  • Treaty of Ghent ended the war.
  • Federalist party died out because of the opposition in the war.
  • Democratic Republicans began to agree with/ support federalist policies.