Derek King

Greek Geography

Greece had many mountain ranges...

Mountain ranges didn't allow different cultures to diffuse...

The mountains caused different city-states to form...

Life in Spartas

The Spartans were warriors.

The Spartans fought a lot

Boys trained a lifetime in the military

Even though the Spartans had a strong militaristic city state they declined because of the inability to change

Life in Athens

In Athens there were more men them women.

Women were inferior to men.

Inferior meant that the women weren't as important as men

Athens was a direct-democracy society which meant the men all got together and made the governmental decisions

Alexander The Great

Alexander created the Hellenistic society and culture

The Hellenistic society was the blend of Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian lifestyles

Greek Art

The Greek paintings were lifelike.

Also the Greek sculptures looked very real.

The Greeks believed in beauty, balance, and the order in the universe.

The most famous Greek building was the Parthenon.

The Greek Science

Greeks were the ones who discovered that the earth rotates on an axis around the sun.

There were many different people in Greece who discovered the diseases and tried to find cures.