Weekly Update, January 13, 2022

Learning and Growing in our Faith

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Getting to know Chris Roberts

  • Chris was 32 years old when he accepted Jesus into his heart
  • His favorite school years were his high school years
  • If he could have dinner with any 3 people he would choose: A. his dad (before Parkinson’s changed his brain and body); B. his grandfather - would love to talk to him as an adult; and C. his favorite Uncle Gary - one of the most interesting people he’s had the pleasure of knowing
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is coffee
  • His favorite pizza topping is sausage
  • He has no pets now, but he did have an awesome whippet & Italian greyhound for a while
  • Chris enjoys running and exercising
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Chris’ Favorite Scripture:

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THIS WEEK’S LESSON: Satan Tempts Jesus

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