Middle East News

By: Marcos Rodriguez

What is Silt?

Silt: Is a small partices of rich soil

for centuries the Nile's water would rise up in the spring. When reached Eygpt the Nile flooded its banks as the floodwaters withdrew the silt was left behind.

Do you know what Erg is?

Erg: is a Hugh area of shifting sand dunes in the Sahara

The Ahaggar lies in the southern Algeria. Between these mountain ranges are of the Sahara

What is a Wadi?

Wadi: Is dry riverbed filled by rainwater from rare downpours.

Highlands dominate the southwest, however, and rainfall there irrigates croplnds in the valleys.

Ever wonder what is Libya's money used on?

Import food

Build schools and hospitals

And to maintain a strong military.

What Is OPEC?

OPEC is a Organization of petroleum exporting countries.

What are three facts about the country Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in southwest Asia

The country's size is about the size of eastern half of the United States

Because of generally dry,desert climate, Saudi Arabia has no rivers