Nuclear Fusion Press Release

We finally did it! 12/10/15

Dr. Samuel Nash with Greensboro Nuclear Energy Research Center

Our lab has discovered a way to harness the energy of nuclear fusion to be used as an energy source. Nuclear Fusion power now offers the world an inexhaustible resource that will provide us with the energy we need to keep the world running.

How it Works

In current nuclear reactors the use of nuclear fission is used to generate power. In nuclear fission, you get energy from splitting one atom into two atoms which yields large amounts of energy and radiation. In nuclear fusion, you get energy when two atoms join together to form one. In a fusion reactor, hydrogen atoms come together to form helium atoms, neutrons and vast amounts of energy. It is the same type of reaction that powers the sun and would be a much cleaner source of energy and would provide much more energy than nuclear fission.

Some Examples of Nuclear Technology

Saftey Concerns and Economical Impact

Safety Concerns and Economic Impact

Safety: Many are worried about the safety concerns of producing nuclear fusion energy but there is minimal risk with the new technology. Possible risks always include melt downs and slight radioactivity but compared to nuclear fission it is MUCH safer and much more controllable.

Economic Impact: The cost of building a working nuclear power plant is high but the energy yields would be so great that it would be paid off in a matter of months. Nuclear fusion plants would be able to provide enough energy to power the world much cleaner without the need for burning fossil fuels that negatively impact the environment around us. With the low cost of running a nuclear fusion power plant and the high yields of energy, the economy would flourish.