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Technology Night by Leeda and Devyn

Technology night was on Thursday, November 19th. Technology

night was at 5:30-7:30. A lot of business people did come. They looked at some of the stuff that people in the school have been working on, on the chromebooks. Other students were sharing their projects. The type of stuff that we showed was Music Animoto videos, Kahoot, Digital Art portfolios, Scratch, Google Classroom/Google Drive/Voice Typing program, Gonoodle, Promethean Board, Morning Announcements, Capstone Books/Trueflix, Edmodo Snapshot, Brain Pop, LearnZillion, Pebble Go, Plickers, Devices, Prodigy Math at Home/Extra Math, Digital Citizen. I hope you had fun! There were so many people there!!! Thanks to Mrs.Keenan for working so hard for Technology Night to happen!

Trot for Technology by Malia and Bella

As some of you may or may not know there was a Turkey Trot on Monday November 16 2015.The reason we have this event is to raise money to buy new technology. Mrs.Best is kind enough to organize this event every year. We interviewed Mrs.Best and Mrs.Keenan here is what they said.

We raised just about $9,000 this year.We are getting 36 chromebooks and a cart. We will only be buying chromebooks. Thats' all about the turkey trot.

Hour of Code by Devyn

The hour of code is a website with millions of other schools going on it. You learn how to make games, and what you have to do to make a game is called coding. Theres many types of language codings. Coding is like instructions. It's important to learn this because coding is one of the top paying jobs and when kids get older they can work there and get lots and lots of money and it helps you with problem solving skills. My opinion of the hour of code was really cool and fun. It was smart for them to create the hour of code. If you want to be a programmer when you're older you can practice at home on the computer because if you go to the Liberty Elementary website you can play the hour of code games.

Books by Ruby and Bella

Maybe you’re having trouble finding the right book. You should start by finding some books for your age.

Well to start off the library has a ton of books. Most people just assume that the library doesn’t have any books just for you. Here is a list of good books for your age.


Everybody section


Everybody section



Everybody section


chapter books

Now, these are just some recommendations but you can test books on your own.

Have Fun Reading!

Awards by Bella

On Friday, November 6,we had the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony is to represent the ecelling kids at liberty. We have one awards ceremony every month. There are 3 awards for each class. The awards are academic, mindset and character. Congratulations to everyone who got one of these special awards. We interviewed Mr. Shaffer and he gave us of the responses we needed.

1.) What do you get awards for?

We have three awards, a character award, a growth mindset award, and an academic award. The character award is for students show exemplary character in their treatment of others. They stand out in how they demonstrate integrity, trustworthiness, kindness, and/or personal responsibility. The growth mindset award is for students who show a growth mindset and never quit. These students are good at overcoming challenges and show perseverance or grit. The academic award is for students who show excellence in the academic work and take pride in a job well done.

2.) How many people are picked per grade?

We recognize three students from each classroom every month, one for each type of award.

3.) Who gives the awards?

Classroom teachers select the students and provide an explanation for why students are chosen each month.

4.) Do we get them for showing pillars of character? Showing the pillars of character would definitely help students to earn the character award.

5.) Other things about awards ceremony that you would like to share.;)

The awards ceremony is one of my favorite events at Liberty. We love to celebrate our students for doing a great job!

Our interview was very helpful to our research. Congratulations to everyone who has gotten a award. One of these people is Ruby Cerny. The interview is below.

  1. How did it feel to get an award?

It was pretty cool but, I was kind’ve nervous.

  1. Why do you think you got an award?

My teacher always says that I always turn my school work on time.

  1. Why were you nervous?

When I’m in front of everyone I feel like all of the pressure is on me

  1. What award did you get?

I got the character award.

  1. Do you feel like the pressure is on you because everyone had eyes on you?

Also because I got the character award and I am supposed to be nice but, everyone has their moments.

Thank you Ruby for giving us a little inside on your perspective on awards. Now that you know what awards is all about you can look forward to being chosen.

Happy Holidays from the Newspaper Club!

Happy Holidays! From:Leeda,Devyn,Isabella,Malia Everyone from the newspaper club Wishes you a very happy holidays and happy new year! Thanks For staying tuned in our articles! I would like to thank everyone for reading our articles once again! Here are some fun things to do in the winter 1.Go outside and play! 2.Do Kind things for friends and family 3.Give presents to friends and family! REMEMBER to have FUN! Stay Safe and happy Holidays! Also special thanks to Trysten C for helping me with some of this article!!! :)