Egg Car

By:London Van Cleave


How can I make a car that will easily go down a ramp, while still protecting the egg?


First, I found a bottle that I thought was the perfect size. I asked my grandpa to help me cut a hole in the top. Then, I was going to use foam but then decided to use easter basket stuffing to cushion the egg when it hits the wall. After, I put holes at the side for the wheels and I used jar lids for the wheels, poles to hold it. It was really wobbly so I got nice wheels from Hobby Lobby. They were too small to go through the holes at the side so then I hot glued them on the bottom. It was really hard to find good wheels.
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Background Knowledge

Speed-the rate at which something is moving

Force-push or pull

Inertia-tedency to do or to remain unchanged

Acceleration-increase in speed

Friction- two substances rubbing together creating heat

Momentum-the quantity of motion, measured of mass and velocity

Potential Energy-stored energy

Kinetic Energy-energy in motion

Source:Google Dictionary

Data Chart

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My hypothesis was kinda right but wrong. It took a couple times to do it only once because it kept crashing. And this was the time when we just raced them and not crash it into a wall. For the crash test, it was safe and didn't break. I did the crash test twice. I think my car did really well.