The Dark Side of the Moon Analysis

An exploration past Reality


I've recently gotten extremely into the studio albums form the progressive rock band Pink Floyd. The story The Wall tells is magnificent, their earlier, mellow tunes are great for studying and a bit of background noise and even their other, more traditional albums are fine with me. Yet, I never got around to The Dark Side of the Moon. Why? Even today I'm not extremely sure. At the point I originally listened to it, I skipped around the songs, as then I wasn't somebody who listened to whole ablums in their entirety. They didn't tickle my fancy as much as I wanted them to. Now that I have listened to the full album start-to-finish, I love this entire piece of music. Today, I'll be going song by song discussing all 10 unique pieces that make up this masterpiece.

Speak To Me

An enchanting beginning, with tape loops eminating over a heartbeat. I particularly enjoy the fact that some SFX would be used later on throughout the album, such as the clock alarms in Time and the register sounds of Money. Then I believe Roger Waters does some fun (and high pitched) vocals which bleeds into Breathe (In The Air).

Breathe (In the Air)/ On the Run

This song's presentation is complete perfection, and I love how it describes the intricacies of life that we take for granted, "Breathe, Breathe in the Air. Don't be afraid to care." Vocals have a memorable lullaby tone that resinates within you and sets the mood for the album. Breathe then falls right into On the Run, a song with a primitive note sequencer which to me just seems like filler, yet still is a great piece.


After On the Run, we then steer into EXTREMELY LOUD CLOCKS THAT CHIME FOR, LIKE, 10 SECONDS. While I do enjoy this track, (probably one of my favorites on the album) why the clocks happen so suddenly?