GTA5 Online- VineWood 7/11 Robbery

We rob the 7/11 in North Vinewood

How it's going down- setup.

It starts when we setup, we need an off-road vehicle, a four person helicopter, carbine rifles, sniper rifle, masks, and armor suits. We need four people total, two for ground team, one for sniper team, and final for chopper pilot.

The VineWood 7/11 Hiest

Saturday, May 2nd, 7pm

This is an online event.

You need a PS3 with PSN and GTA5 and must be at least rank 10.

The Heist- Part 1

Okay, so for the setup, one person will be armed with a sniper rifle on top of the Pacific Standard, there are ladders to get up. The ground team must have a member who has a four seater- all terrain vehicle. They park it at the junction near Makinze Field. Now for the final part of the setup, one of the teammates has to be at least rank 10 to spawn a helicopter. Ground team must use an NPC vehicle and park up at parking lot behind the cinema. The chopper teammate lands on top of the VineWood police station helipad. The heist is ready.

The Heist- Part 2

The ground team runs in and orders the cashier to empty the register. The other ground team member opens the second register. The sniper covers all of the police. After the money is collected, the ground team kills cashier and makes their way, along with the sniper, to the junction on VineWood boulevard, where the chopper will pick them up.

The Heist- Part 3

Now onto the final part of the heist. The chopper picks up the crew and they go towards the señora desert. Once above the Alamo Sea, they sky dive out, abandoning the helicopter, and make their way to the northern shore. Around there should be the junction close to Makinze Field, and the off-road getaway vehicle. They all get in, and drive up the mountain towards the very top of Mount Chiliad. The crew rides the machine down to Paleto Bay, and they are done. That's it, the entire plan.