Beyond Grandma's Homemade Cookies

By: Anita Shubert

What's to Come...

Imagine the perfect grandmother that loves to bake warm cookies, soft cupcakes, and sweet pies. The most positive, loving grandmother in the world. She discovers she has cancer. Her world comes to a crashing halt. How will she overcome this deadly disease? This wonderful grandmother, Marie Virant, relives her tragic past through cancer. Being married for over fifty years, Marie Virant gives some tips and tricks to a successful marriage. From cookies, to cakes, to breads, she's done it all. Learning as a child, the grandmother remembers her baking experiences as an adolescent. Join Marie Virant on her voyage to the past.
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Topics covered in the interview include: my grandmother's baking experiences as a child, her loving marriage with my grandfather, and her experiences throughout and overcoming cancer.

Large or Small Family?

One topic covered in the interview was the size of my grandmother's family as she was growing up. She had a very large family. I decided to dig deeper into the topic of small and large families and which will better prepare or benefit children in the end. This, in the end, was the topic of my research essay.

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Here are my grandparents with my mother. She was their first child.

Superb Snickerdoodles

If you are looking for a recipe for some sweet snickerdoodles you have stuck gold! These luscious cookies will do just the trick at parties, meetings, or everyday life.
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All of us Have Untouchable Heroes...

What is an untouchable hero? An untouchable hero is a hero someone may have that they may never get to know. Most likely an untouchable hero is a celebrity, a deceased, or someone you simply will never meet.

Click here to learn about my untouchable hero, Buddy Valastro, and the qualities that make him a hero.

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