Forest Park Newsletter

December 11, 2015

Another great week at Forest Park!

Today, we are sending home students' PARCC results in 4th and 5th grade. While Forest Park did very well compared to the state averages, we would like to invite all of our parents to a night where we can focus on how we can continue to support our students' learning. Please save, January 20th as a Parent Night, where we will focus on lessons learning from the PARCC as well as the math Common Core State Standards. Looking forward to seeing parents then!

One way you can help our school is to be more mindful of the start and dismissal times. Many students are being dropped off after the 9:25 bell and being picked up before dismissal. While I understand that unexpected changes happen from time to time, each time a student is leaving early they have to be called from the classroom, which disrupts the learning for all. I thank you in advance for your efforts to decrease these interruptions to learning.