Improvements in Race Relations

Ryan Randall

How did Slavery begin?

Slavery began when European merchants started the triangular trade. The triangular trade was the trade of slaves, food and supplies between three regions of the world. Slave ships were the ships that brought the slaves across the ocean to America. They were need in the new world to work on farms to grow cash crops. There were more slaves in the southern parts of our country because there was more labor that was need to be done down there. The invention of the cotton gin increased the number of slaves because the southern farmers started to grow more cotton, which made more labor.

Slaves in America were treated poorly. The typical day for a slave is 15-16 hours of work per day 6 days a week. This cycle was on a continuous loop and there was really no time for rest. The weather really never mattered to slaves, the weather was always considered to be good enough for working. Through all this they still had to deal with the unruly and cruel punishment that they received. They usually encountered mental, physical and sexual abuse. The punishment was usually usually depending on the plantation they worked on. Each plantation kept their own set of rules. If a slave was ever caught running away they were put through sever punishment and moved farther south because the distance to the north was much greater and it would be harder to escape.

There were many events that took place to end slavery. One of the events that happened was the Civil war. This war fought between the north ans south to try and abolish slavery. This war was fought for over 4 years. The war was expected to end very quickly, but the mind set that the south had kept them in the war for very long. The north was expected to win because they had all the supplies and weapons. Eventually after 4 years of a hard fought war the north came out on top and finally had made slavery illegal in every state.

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Planning to abolish slavery.

I think that there are still race tensions in America. I think this because there are still protest going around America because African Americans think they are not be treated fairly. They think this because of recent events happening with cops. One of the events happened in Ferguson, this event had to deal with